After attending Jordan World Circus, thanks to the Starlight Children's Foundation, @ the Puyallup Fairgrounds...Summer LOVED the ponies, elephants, and especially the high flying acrobatic Ariel princesses (her favorite...she kept saying "printhess, ahh, ahh, ahh (like Ariel's singing) 3-12-2011

Friday, October 2, 2009

Summer has something to say...

Babies have the best expressions....Summer was kind enough to give us a little sample of almost all of hers in one video clip! So cute!

Progress at the moment:

Summer has successfully handled the formula increase so far :) Last week I discovered another tooth...on top in the front...when she bit my finger, ouch :) Next Tues. we go in for an eye check-up...(her right eye is still having muscle control issues)....then the following Tues. is GI clinic and a check up with the Neurodevelopment clinic. Life if busy for her, as usual, and she is just as happy as ever!

Can I dial with my nose??

Little feet...getting bigger!

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