After attending Jordan World Circus, thanks to the Starlight Children's Foundation, @ the Puyallup Fairgrounds...Summer LOVED the ponies, elephants, and especially the high flying acrobatic Ariel princesses (her favorite...she kept saying "printhess, ahh, ahh, ahh (like Ariel's singing) 3-12-2011

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer's doing great!!!

Life has been busy...mostly in a good way :) In the last few weeks, Summer has made some big steps toward weaning herself off of TPN. At the last visit, she had her time reduced to 14 hours on, 10 off. This last week , she had gained 16 grams a day (her goal is 11-13 grams per day) so it was obvious that she didn't need all the calories she was getting. She is now running the IV for 12 hours with the other 12 hours off! We have also increased her NG feeds to 55 ML's per hour and she is eating more solids...she has decided that squash isn't too terrible and the rice cereal is ok too :) It is hard to remember to feed her funny as this sounds. With any other baby, they cry when hungry so you don't have to think about it. Summer is always full and doesn't know the feeling of hunger, so it is a matter of scheduling it more thing to our busy days :) Well, despite the fact that I forget to feed my child (ha ha) she has not suffered...she is now 18 1/2 pounds!

Physical therapy has been going on once a week and Summer is making some good progress. She has been changing in little ways each time the therapist comes...and doing so well, she is ok to take the next few weeks off while we have scheduling conflicts. Summer is still not rolling over yet, but getting close. She is using her hands a lot more, and has really good neck/back control while on her tummy. I have to admit, though I want her to progress, it is fun having a "little" cuddly baby for a little longer than I would have had otherwise :)

She had an eye appt. a few weeks ago too. The muscle control issue in her right eye has gotten better, though we still have to patch her eye to help it continue to improve. They also repeated and eye exam and her vision is completely normal in both eyes...yeah Summer!

She turns one in a couple of weeks....I look forward to her eating birthday cake!

Look closely and you will see the 2 teeth that have sprouted in Summer's mouth this last month!

Summer loves this play gym...she jabbers to herself in the mirror

She is getting good at lifting herself up on her elbows...and still loves her tongue : p

Check out what a multi-tasking mama I have become! I went to the beach with some friends...Summer loved the backpack...she even feel asleep in it :)
Cutie close-up

Happy girl at lunch time on the beach

I got some cute pics while trying to get Summer to show her teeth...

See my teeth!

Summer loves to cuddle with Daddy :) Look how big she is!